Man has moved into the light of knowledge from the dark shades of ignorance while making his long journey through the ages. His knowledge has increased in layers as the age passed by and now. We herein AIEMD, have vowed to take the torch of spreading the knowledge in our hand and enlighten our state. We are in the 21st century and as we intercept our present future we get a picture of technically advanced persons. We would like to explore opportunity at the fullest and prepare excellent technical brain who would serve our country with knowledge and excellence. I personally being a Medical Professional got enthused in participating in such a Technical Venture because as stated above, in a zeal to spread knowledge and prepare persons who will be our pride and also to provide scope for higher education to our rural people which in turn lead to development of our area. Being president of the Management, I can see state that all the fears and tensions which was there at the start have vanished and it is taken over by a feeling of pride and success. In the short of time we have achieved many goals though a lot remains to be achieved. I would like to stress upon the following facts which will specify our achievements. The quality of teaching guidance we have provide to our students though our good number of faculties was reflected by the outstanding results of our students achieved in 1st year and it has provide to be the best performance among other Engineering Colleges.

The amount of Vocational Trainings, Workshop, Industry, Interfaces and Personality Development Courses arranged for our students on a regular basis, which i think as an important part of curriculum, help them to acquire broad knowledge. The extensive emphasis have been given on laboratory based training and extended exhaustive coaching and guidance has been offered to each students in order to develop them into an able personnel. As a word of concession I would like to state that my dream is to produce a batch of alike people who would be creators unlike others who are followers that they could manage self employment and complete tremendous competition to prove there own existence. I, myself would like to work restlessly to fulfill my dream along with the active co-operation and support extended to me by all of my co-workers.

Mr. Prabir Agasty
President MSSCE