Prof. (Dr.) P. K. Singha is an M.Sc. in Solid State Physics from University of Burdwan. He has received his M.Tech and Ph.D. from NIT, Durgapur. He has gathered 12 years of research and 10 years of teaching experience. His research topic is “Investigation on the Mechanical behavior reinforcing fiber and filament for high strength fiber composite”. His research area is mainly focused on material characterization, study of behavior of different materials and composite. He has published no. of research papers in different journal of International repute. 

Education is the acquisition and utilisation of knowledge. It is an art, very difficult to impart. The development of a nation is largely dependent on the optimum utilisation of the available resources. We have two fundamental resources- viz. Human Resources and Material resources. The improvement in the quality of both is the essential prerequisite contributing to the growth of a nation. An indepth realisation of this aspect led to the establishment of AIEMD- an elite centre of excellence, with a view to the imparting a state- of- the- art technical and management education. Situated in the vicinity of renowned industrial organizations, it is well supported by the suitable infrastructure and corporate patrons with professional attitude toward training and experience.

I personally feel that the students studying in this institution are having good intellect and quick at understanding. I am, therefore, committed to provide them with facilities that are essential for academic requirements and personality developments to help them come out with a challenging and rewarding career. Highly spirited, experienced and dedicated faculties with industrial exposure, the students are motivated towards achieving excellence.
I am immensely elated to be in the midst of you and I am sure I will receive your active co-operation for the well-being of academic and administration set up. I call upon all concerned to come forward in creating an environment to enhance the glory and uphold the dignity of this institute of higher learning.

Prof. (Dr.) Prasanta Kumar Singha
M. Sc (Physics) M. Tech, (NIT Dgp.), PhD(NIT Dgp.) Principal, AIEMD (Additional Charge)

Anindya agasty
Director, AIEMD