Doing right things and doing things right is a balancing act, and requires the development of good strategies and efficient operation to deliver the Products and Services required. As a matter of fact, technical education development has to be integrated with concrete foundation of efficient operations. AIEMD has taken a big leap forward to provide for the growing Technical HR needs. At AIEMD, we are making consistent efforts in synthesizing insights from different mind sets. Education, Discipline, Dedication and Determination are key words for success in any arena. I assure all of our Students a vibrant future with team work Par excellence at AIMED. A report of the Economic Times of 26th of Oct, 2005 states in one place that in the Engineering Services market in India is said to be around $500 million and is expected to touch more than $1 billion. The glamorous figures point towards the numerous opportunities awaited by India’s Engineers. It is great to avail the opportunities around us and all you need is to find out the right place to train and educate yourself. 

I do always keep in mind the universal law of change, that is “Change is only constant, Change is only the unchangeable in the universe.” I beckon the budding Engineers to keep a parity with the Changing Scenario. Togetherness is the wondrous bouquet of Synergy, and we, at AIEMD, aim to build a national edifice with its Human Resource Characters. Together we make a difference in our pursuits for growth & excellence of a powerful nation.

Pradip Kr. Agasty
Chairman, AIEMD & Secretary, MSSCE