I congratulate you, firstly for having chosen engineering as your line up profession and secondly for having chosen AIEMD as the institution to accomplish your objective. Besides providing the students with state-of-the-art facilities it has been our continuous effort to expose them to the realities of corporate world. We have successfully managed this with some of the most respected minds from the industry, who frequently visit the campus and share their experiences with the students. There has also been a conscious effort to introduce novel methods of learning and in that direction, we have conducted various Management and soft skill development programmes and taken initiatives like Industry mentorship programmes. AIEMD a pioneering technical institution gave much needed impetus to the development of technology and science in socio economically backward areas of the country. Since its inception the institute has facilitated significant development through R & D and creation of infrastructure facilities for the implementation of “LAB TO LAND” programme. In our efforts, I must acknowledge the support of our alumni, who have been constantly assisting us in improving our standards and partnering us in becoming the best engineering institute in the country. Thus, my aim is to make AIEMD not just India’s best engineering institute but also corporate India’s preferred choice.

Mr. Pranab Agasty
Treasurer MSSCE